ConnectSmart Kitchen

An intelligent, integrated Kitchen Display System (KDS) that works for you.

Integrate Easily

to 3rd Party Online Ordering & Delivery Partners, PixelPoint POS and Your Own Integrated Ordering Website/App

Reduce Ticket Times

Gain Insight

Data tools provide information for your kitchen and front-of-house to keep your establishment running smoothly

Off-premise dining

Merge in-house with off-premise traffic, reduce kitchen stress and provide customers with real time order tracking.

Tag on Touch

Easily strike off each item as they’re packed, creating a built-in check that prevents errors


Sticky printers allow staff to affix labels to takeout orders, helping them differentiate between multiples and safeguarding from mistakes


ConnectSmart Kitchen

Supercharge Your Delivery Program

Finally, a system that brings it all together. It’s the integrated solution that restaurateurs and takeaway owners have been waiting for.

Our online delivery solution integrates ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK), DineTime RMS (Restaurant Management System), PixelPoint POS, and web ordering & delivery partners so you can capitalise on the growing delivery trend. 

Happier Customers

Impress your customers with a convenient ordering experience based on real-time kitchen activity updates from CSK, so food is hot, fresh, and ready for pick up.

  • CSK’s capacity management features “read” your kitchen bandwidth and workload.
  • Based on the actual activity of your kitchen, CSK provides a pickup quote for the delivery partner, down to the most accurate minute.
  • Predicated on real restaurant data, delivery partners arrive at the optimal time to pick-up orders.

More Revenue

Increase sales by appealing to a new segment of customers who want their food to go. You can have one revenue stream inside your restaurant, another one outside, and they won’t compete with each other — more volume and more revenue.

  • Reduce the risk of miscommunication and comped orders.
  • Prevent delivery orders from disrupting walk-ins and vice versa — the technology keeps every station conscious of one another.

    Keep Partners Informed with Real-Time Data

    Provide your third party delivery partners with accurate, real-time updates, eliminating guesswork, and keeping them fully conscious of what’s happening with an order.

    • Push prep statuses from ConnectSmart Kitchen to DineTime, as well as in-store POS and third-party online ordering partners.
    • Use data to identify the efficiency of your delivery partners, helping you strategise.

    Real Time Visibility

    View data like total orders, off-premise orders, active orders, and orders that are awaiting pickup and delivery from one central location within DineTime.

    • With CSK data, you’ll have a complete picture of all orders in the kitchen.
    • Segment your current order load by type, keeping staff aware of order activity, future, past and present.
    • Automatically push delivery order statuses to staff to keep them in the loop.

    Use Real Data to Optimise Your Restaurant’s Performance

    With access to historical data, you can analyze big-picture insights and drill in to identify operational trends. Use this data to spot bottlenecks or inefficiencies and make improvements.

    • Tracking data like speed-of-service, average cook times, open menu counts (and more!) gives you clear insights into your restaurant’s performance.
    • Identify peak delivery days, times and items and strategise for them.
    • Make informed staffing and technology decisions, backed by your actual restaurant data.

    Quality Assurance

    Get the Order Right the First Time — Every Time

    Guarantee accuracy and consistency with built-in ConnectSmart Kitchen features like tag-on-touch, which allows users to strike order items one by one while bagging them, resulting in fewer mispacks and comps.

    • CSK breaks each order down into a list, containing all necessary food, utensils, and delivery items.
    • Easily strike off each item as they’re packed, creating a built-in check that prevents errors.
    • Sticky printers allow staff to affix labels to takeout orders, helping them differentiate between multiples and safeguarding from mistakes.

    What else can you do with PixelPoint Pos?

    Explore some selected features below, visit our PixelPoint POS summary page or get in touch.

    Online Order Apps

    We can provide a white-labelled app & website for your food business. Take orders, pre-orders and payments online. Receive orders directly to your kitchen.


    Online Aggregation

    Let all your delivery partners feed into one system – PixelPoint. Orders print on PixelPoint’s print channels and you get one central sales reporting platform.


    Expert Order Management

    PixelPoint includes many order management features. These extend to external interfaces, enabling automated tracking, SMS and Email.


    Product Labelling

    Labelling your products before they are bagged increases order accuracy and efficiency. PixelPoint makes this easy with automatic printing.


    Self-Serve Kiosk

    Let your customers serve themselves. Focus on delivering an excellent product & customer experience while saving on labour costs.