Product Awareness: 

As part of the changes to many of our customers businesses due to Covid-19, we have been made

aware that there have been instances where touch screen cleaning has resulted in screen damage.

With the increased sanitising requirements required to keep everyone safe, we are pleased to
inform you we have a solution available to avoid this, while also providing extra protection for your
staff and customers.

Our hand sanitising product is 100% Alcohol Free and not only does it kill all known enveloped
viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 Annex A* and bacteria up to 99.999% it is proven
effective against all Coronaviruses and Sars-CoV-2. This information is certified as recently as July

Our solution also provides advanced barrier protection for the skin for up to 6 hours!

If you wash your hands in between times, you should apply the foam sanitiser again.
We have these in stock now from £3.40 per 50ml (re-useable) and 5 Litres Refills from £29.95, all
prices Ex Vat.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

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Something to consider if using Alcohol based sanitisers….

“Alcohol only has a kill effect while wet, once the alcohol has evaporated, there is no product left to
carry on killing bacteria of viruses, therefore cross contamination can occur immediately.”