Staff Productivity: the problem –

A recent BBC News story highlighted poor productivity among staff in the UK. The country’s annual productivity growth has fallen sharply, down to 0.2%. This has obvious potential problems for business owners looking to maximise their return on investment.

Solving the problem through technology

BBC News cites that technology plays a key part in improving productivity. In the specific example, a restaurant is using challenges between staff to upsell more premium bottles of wine. And with a subsequent lift in profits, it would appear this approach may well be part of a recipe for success in improving productivity.

How we can help

Our flagship hospitality EPOS software encompasses a powerfully comprehensive staff contest and rewards module. It enables management to create contests that encourage friendly competition and incentivise employees to perform better. Contests can be scheduled to last for different time periods and to give different amounts of points for any number of different products. The live contest results are displayed on the front-end EPOS screen, so staff can see how they are performing, relative to their peers. It is also configurable so that staff cannot see how the other staff members are performing, if desired. Below is a screen shot of how the contest results can be displayed on the EPOS. Section 1 shows the list of all active contests. Section 2 shows the results (usually being the top 3 contenders). Section 3 shows a graphic representation of the results. Staff contest results are also stored in the EPOS database and can be viewed retrospectively from within the reports section from the back office (or head office).

Business owners can use the data to reward top-performing staff accordingly. By fostering a culture that rewards greater productivity, businesses should see an associated cost saving.

Learn more

Our PixelPoint POS Solution for hospitality and entertainment venues can help increase business owners’ bottom lines. The proof is in the pudding and with thousands of UK users already enjoying the benefits, PixelPoint POS is a proven and reliable system. With business owners’ profit margins being ever-more squeezed, improving productivity should be of key concern. What’s more, PixelPoint POS has a range of other high-end and comprehensive features for increasing margins. These include a loyalty system, staff time and attendance and full stock control capabilities. Contact us to learn more or for a no-obligation demonstration. We can perform a demonstration of the product either remotely or we can come to you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you increase your bottom-line through better use of the best EPOS software technology!