RS Scotland is pleased to have completed the POS reinstatement work at the highly-acclaimed and incredibly popular Kebabish Restaurant in Glasgow’s South Side.

2017 Fire:

The restaurant fell victim to a devastating fire in November 2017. Since then, a great deal of planning and investment has gone into the rebuilding of the restaurant. It is now something deemed even greater than its former glory.

RS Scotland engineers were on scene shortly after the fire was extinguished and, amazingly, the PosiFlex PS-3415 that was running PixelPoint POS in the restaurant, was found with no faults. Despite the intense heat and smoke of the fire, the till was able to be re-used in the new restaurant. Perhaps there is no better testament to this till’s dependability?

RSS Employee Surveys the Scene.

Grand Re-Opening:

The restaurant re-opens with an upgraded PixelPont POS System, fully implemented by RS Scotland. This includes expansion and upgrading of the ChefXML kitchen video system – replacing paper checks in the kitchen. There has also been the addition of an automated item label printer. This prints sticky labels on demand for each food item that is ordered for the takeaway or delivery side. RS Scotland supplied printing equipment and media that helps ensure the thermal labels stay legible even after being in the microwave or subject to other high temperatures.

The restaurant is the latest to take advantage of the Zuppler online ordering integration with PixelPoint POS. With more customers ordering online, it made sense to choose a POS solution that integrates seamlessly to the number one online ordering provider.

The restaurant has implemented three fixed POS stations and two handheld ParTech tablets. This should ensure a good level of efficiency and table turnover ratio.

As always, RS Scotland look at ways to help clients reduce costs and increase efficiency, using the latest POS innovations. The automatic label printing is expected to decrease manual labour processes considerably. With the added mobile ordering tablets there should be far fewer missing checks and table turnover can be increased due to faster service times. By replacing some of the kitchen printers with order screens, Kebabish are lowering their paper consumption and reducing costs on buying till rolls.

Please see our PixelPos page and contact us to find out what else is possible, with RS Scotland and PixelPoint POS. RS Scotland provide no-obligation system demonstrations both online and in person.

Pixelpos on a Posiflex PS-3415
ChefXML Kitchen Video System
PixelPoint POS auto product labeling

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