CCTV Cameras

Retail Solutions Scotland provide high-definition (HD) grade CCTV systems to all kinds of organisations.  Using the very latest Hybrid Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology and advanced camera technology, our customers can enjoy crystal clear images during monitoring and playback.  Wherever there is an internet connection, it is possible to monitor live streamed footage near real-time on a smartphone device.

Uses existing cable infrastructure and cameras

Customers with existing systems may be able to upgrade to 1080p high definition by simply having one of our engineers change over their recorder and any number of cameras. This will allow the system to utilize existing cameras at a lower resolution, whilst enabling the client to upgrade cameras in key areas such as entrances or car parks, where the necessity to ‘zoom’ in to footage and obtain greater detail may most likely present itself. This helps keep costs controlled where a complete camera system upgrade is not viable, and cameras can be replaced incrementally as desired. Unlike conventional camera systems, our HD offering does not heavily pixelate when using the digital zoom function and it is possible to obtain, for example, car number plates at extended distances. This would simply be impossible with most analogue systems.

Woman monitoring home security cameras on laptop. Home security system conceptRemote Monitoring

Customers with a suitable broadband connection can view footage from any other location when they are connected to the internet with their compatible smartphone. Customers can additionally view footage on their laptop or PC. Optional microphones can be installed to enable the system to record audio, which is also streamed in near real-time to any suitable remote monitoring location.

EPoS CCTV Integration

The CCTV system can link to a number of our EPoS Solutions, providing live text overlay from the till point. This enables the manager or owner to watch the cashier on screen whilst at the same time viewing the transactions as they are scanned or rung through the till point. An example where this would help reduce fraud would be where the employee rings through one item but charges the customer for two items. The system will present this searchable information on screen, enabling the fraudulent activity to be reviewed and presented as needed.

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