Self Serve Kiosk

Serve More Customers and Reduce Wait Times.

Effective Upselling

Self-serve kiosks can increase average check sizes by 15-20% with suggested upsell menu items.

Increased Efficiency

Direct customers away from countertop terminals to reduce queue lengths and increase throughput.

Better Accuracy

Guests have total control of their own orders, allowing them to make changes in real-time while removing a step in the ordering process.


Custom colour schemes, skins and digital signage options to match your self-order kiosk to your unique brand.

Contactless Payments


A Consistently Great Customer Experience

The National Restaurant Association reports that 79% of consumers prefer using a self-ordering kiosk at a restaurant because it makes their dining experience more enjoyable and convenient. Kiosks are great for fast-casual and quick-service restaurants because they simplify the ordering process while offering guests a personalised experience. Guests are allowed to customise every part of their order while still ensuring a high degree of accuracy, which is especially important for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

When customers are allowed to browse menu items without feeling rushed, they’re more likely to explore add-ons and other upsells, including ones that would typically not be offered by a cashier. Whether you own or operate a fast-casual establishment or a Quick Service Restaurant, kiosks may help you give every guest the best customer experience possible, reduce labour costs and increase sales revenue.

Hardware Options

RSS have a range of hardware options and configurations available based on free-standing, wall mounted or counter-top formats. Our staff will ensure the correct format and configuration based on a thorough assessment of your needs. The video below gives an overview of some of the options available.