Uniwell POS

Tough & Reliable Hardware with Optional Cloud Backoffice

Fast and Reliable EPOS Terminals

Solid-state Proprietory ROM architecture

Android Table Service App Available

Cloud Reporting & Inventory Management Option

Card Payment Integration Option

CCTV Integration


Tough & Reliable

With no hard drives or moving parts a Uniwell EPOS system is tough and reliable, withstanding the knocks, bangs and harsh conditions of hospitality and retail. Completely fanless, these machines have no vents to suck in dirt or that can be covered by menus, order pads and so-on, preventing overheating problems that many other systems suffer from.


Uniwell EPOS Systems

RSS’ range of Uniwell Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems fit the requirements of many businesses including restaurant epos, cafes, bar epos, take-aways (fast food epos), quick service, stadium, night clubs and retail epos systems. The installation base of Uniwell EPOS terminals is vast with over 50,000 units installed in the UK alone. Suitable for individual outlets or large multiple retailers our EPOS systems can be installed on their networks.

The Uniwell embedded EPOS solutions offer a robust, reliable and affordable point of service solution focusing on speed of service and ease of use. A choice of designs are available to suit style of operation or budget and come complete with the Uniwell POS software embedded on the machine, designed for POS use they deliver time and time again.

Uniwell Phoenix

Phoenix is a handheld application software that runs on Android devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Phoenix works with Uniwell EPOS Systems, allowing waiting staff to take orders away from the fixed till. Orders will also print to their remote locations from the tablet.
In addition to being a popular choice for table-service establishments, many businesses find a tablet added to their EPOS system enables them to engage in ‘Queue busting’. That is, taking orders from queueing customers in a counter-service environment. Speed up service – speed up sales!

Uniwell Cloud

Uniwell EPOS Systems from RS Scotland link to an optional cloud managment interface. Accessible from a web browser wherever there is an internet connection, management can view up to date sales analytics and manage inventory whilst on the move.


The HX-6500 is one of Uniwell’s latest touch-screen EPOS terminals.

Here are four key reasons to consider the HX-6500:

Reliability – Uniwell’s proprietary embedded technology removes risk areas in relation to system reliability. POS features are specifically designed to be robust and easy to operate. Third-party applications can’t be loaded onto the dedicated POS terminal, so stability is not compromised.

Operational speed – Uniwell have been developing and refining POS technology for decades. A properly configured Uniwell POS system provides superior functionality, while still being faster and simpler to use for an operator than many other point of sale products.

Security – An embedded POS terminal is an ‘all-in-one’ solution with no separation between operating system and POS application. This singular purpose provides greatly enhanced security, as users can’t access the internet and introduce external information to the POS terminal’s memory.

Purpose-built hardware – Our Uniwell POS terminals are specifically designed to cope with the day-to-day requirements of high-volume hospitality and retail venues. Uniwell has a long-standing reputation for quality POS hardware that can handle the physical workload that a standard tablet, laptop or PC may not.

Based on Uniwell’s over 40 years of POS development experience, we encourage you to consider how the HX-6500 is designed to empower your business.