Fogging Equipment

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Disinfectant Fogging for Residential and Commericial Spaces

30-day protection

99.9999% kill rate

World Health Organisation approved equipment

Complete Germ, Bacteria and Virus Bio-Misting Disinfection

Pet and Food Safe



The practice of bio-misting does not cause any water damage to property or items, as our specialist equipment produces a mist of water droplets measuring only 5 to 10 microns (200th to 100th of a mm) that don’t even leave surfaces damp, just clean. Clinically clean.

We supply World Health Organisation approved equipment, and a best in class disinfectant that kills 99.9999% (only 1 in 1,000,000 survive) of viruses, germs and bacteria. Independent laboratory tests have certified that, STERiZAR, our range of disinfectant products, meet all the BS EN requirements that make it suitable for use in a medical environment. For example, a disinfectant with a kill rate of only 99.9% (1 in 1000 survive) falls short. There are many benefits to using a bio-misting system to disinfect an area, not least because touchless disinfection, as it’s known, is not only quick and effective at keeping surfaces and hard to reach areas germ-free, but it also kills airborne pathogens; something that manual cleaning cannot do. In fact, there is also evidence to suggest that manual cleaning with a cloth and a biocide solution can actually spread bacteria and cause cross-contamination.

How to buy

Are you interested in regular disinfection of your facility’s spaces? Owning your own WHO approved fogging equipment can mean that you or your staff can ensure effective disinfection on a regular basis. Alternatively, why not enquire about fogging as a Service, where our staff can attend and apply SteriZar disinfection treatment on a one-off or regular basis.

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Suitable Applications & Environments:


Suitable for use in the home or around the household such as ancilliary buildings and garages.


Use in fitness centres, health and wellbeing facilities, changing room spaces and multi-use places such as community centres.


Suitable for care homes and facilities that offer residential and non-residential care and support facilities.


For use in waiting areas, ticketing facilitiy spaces and inside vehicle transport bodies. For public and private operators.


For use in primary, secondary and higher education facilities and campuses. For public and private facilities.


For hospitals, medical facilities and emergency vehicles. For patient transport. In-patient and out-patient facilities.