LCD Hand Sanitiser Display

Protect your Staff and Customers with our Unique Hand Sanitiser Stations

Excellent Sanitiser: Kills 99.999% of Bacteria in 30 seconds

Alcohol Free & Non- Flammable

Leaves Hands Bacteria Free for up to 6 Hours

Skin Safe: No Irritants

Halal Certified


Combining hand washing with Digital Signage

SteriZar Foamer solution is an Alcohol Free advanced hand sanitiser that is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing properties available today, being effective within 30 secs and killing 99.999% of bacteria, yet still providing a soft and safe feel to the skin.

Using the latest Advanced Barrier Technology SteriZar not only provides rapid kill against Bacteria and viruses, but provides a residual barrier onto the hands that continues to work for at least 6 hours after the initial application.

The SteriZar range of products is widely considered to be the complete infection control package yet still being safe for the environment and the individual.

Auto Dispenser

Auto Dispense via the built-in IR Sensor, clean, safe & completely touch free to avoid cross infection. Number of Dispensing times can be adjusted to 1,2,3 or 4

Floor Standing or Wall Mounted

4 x fixing points to the rear of the unit making wall mount installation an a easy solution, or Optional Extra floor stand for a more mobile freestanding solution

3.6L Internal Reservoir

Volume: 3600ml – provides 9000 Pumps. Optional Dispenser heads providing; hand foamer at 0.4ML, 1ml, 1.5ml​

Cloud Digital Signage & Pump Usage Reports

Display, Schedule & upload Media Content instantly, RSS News & Social Media Widgets, including the Latest WHO & NHS England Media Content.​

PCAP Touch Screen

The 10 Point Touch Screen offers a safe & sanitised display, ideal for Visitor Management Systems, or online links to the Latest WHO & NHS England websites, or your own websites.​

Independent 4G Connection

4G enabled so no network restrictions or Wi-Fi issues. However Ethernet & Wi-Fi Options are included​



Easy Maintenance / Installation

Die cast plastic moulded design, makes it easy to clinically wipe free & clean. Removal & installation of the internal Reservoir for Foamer refills, just take minutes.​


May 2020

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, RSS are receiving tremendous interest in their range of hand sanitiser solutions.

As one of the few vendors that stock & supply the original and patented product that has been around for a considerable time, our inventory is often sold very quickly or even before we have received it!

RSS are expanding their existing range of LCD sanitiser stations, with an additional 22″ model expected imminently. We are now also supplying a 10″ LCD model.

Please call us on 0141 530 2456 for up-to-date inventory status & secure your sanitiser station today.


All sectors of the economy are being affected by COVID-19. For that reason we are receiving supply requests from a diverse range of market sectors. The image shown above is from a Hotel that we recently installed, but we are supplying many retail, commercial and industrial spaces as well.


The AC powered unit ensures that there are no batteries to worry about. A wired Ethernet connection is always advised, but the unit has an option for WiFi and 4G also.

Media Display

The LCD media display can be used for virtually anything you can imagine. From simple text and graphics, to engaging video, social media and even live video channel feeds. All of this is managed from our cloud-based CMS (Content Management System). Full training is provided.

Schedule your content as you please! Different playlists can be applied by date and time in advance. Communicate your media when and how you want. From fire alarm tests and safety messages to promotion of events and special offers – you can do it all with one of our media-enabled LCD Sanitiser stations!