Infinity POS Bulletin

Rectifying the “Unexpected Pinpad Attached” error

Tech Bulletin

“Unexpected Pinpad Attached” 


This guide is intended for Retail Solutions Scotland Ltd (RSS) clients and only under the guidance of RSS technicians. For assistance please call us on 0141 530 2456. 


The Problem

The issue may occur on trying to start up the application or carrying out a transaction. If the error is not as below and the full dialogue window looks skewed or cropped then please call us to reinstall the application.


    Step One

    First check that the host till is online and accessible. If the till is offline then that may be the cause of the error. Simply regaining a connection and rebooting the terminal may be suffice to rectify the issue. Otherwise, click the ‘home’ button (picture of a house) at the top left and then click ‘shutdown’ and ‘exit’. Now Log Off from Windows. If you are VNC’d onto the terminal then your session will disconnect. Reconnect again after a few seconds.

    Delete the Activation.exml

    Log onto Windows as an Administrator. Navigate to ‘C:\PogramData\VeriFone\PAYWare Ocius Sentinel’. Delete the ‘Activation.exml’ file highlighted. 

    Navigate to ‘C:\InfinityPos’ and open the file called ‘posrun.ini’. 

    Obtain the Login ID

    Note the 4 digit number highlighted. This will be the user ID and PIN that you enter later. You can close this file now.

    Start the PAYWare Ocius Sentinel App

    Double click the PAYWare Ocius Sentinel shortcut on the desktop.

    Uncheck Tick Box

    If you see this message, untick ‘always ask me before opening this file’ and click ‘open’.

    Click ‘YES’ on the license prompt.

    Login and Update

    After the program minimizes to the system tray, double click the small icon to open it back up and then login using the 4 digit ID as both logon and pin.

    Sentinel will do an update and reboot the pin pad. Please watch for when this whole process is completed. Once it is finished, Sentinel will minimise to the system tray again. You can double click the icon to open it up and it should show
    ‘Main Menu’ and ‘New Transaction’.

    You can reboot the till and ask the staff to try it as it should be working now.

    For further information please contact us