Online Aggregation

Integrate Various Ordering Platforms Directly to PixelPoint Pos

Put away the tablets

Eliminate order entry error

Decrease labour costs

Increase revenue potential


Online Order Platform Aggregation

The technological advancement of online food ordering and its uptake by consumers has unlocked the floodgates to many online ordering platforms.

The resultant myriad of choice presents both challenge and opportunity for restaurant and takeaway operators. Whether your operation is traversing into online ordering for the first time or you’ve outgrown your existing setup, choosing the right solution for off-premise dining can be vital for survival in today’s competitive marketplace.

RS Scotland’s PixelPoint POS now brings together the best of online platforms so you can receive all your orders in one place. Less manual intervention, less input errors and a more streamlined operation.

Simplify your Operation

A highly capable system may need to be complex under the bonnet, but when it comes to staff-facing and customer-facing interfaces, simplification is key. Clients who have found themelves with many different devices (tablets/printers) for receiving orders can now consolidate their ordering platforms into one on-premise EPOS Sytem. This is achieved using a system aggregator such as ItsACheckmate paired with PixelPoint POS. Both systems are market leading tried and tested platforms, in use by both enterprise scale clients and single-till independent operators.

Reduce Costs, Maximise Income

Simplification and consolidation leads to reduced manual processes, less confusion and a more refined order fulfilment experience for all. A content workforce leads to higher productivity and reduced staff turnover. Most importantly, a happy customer base ensures stronger goodwill and repeat custom.

Reduce your Dependency

By using PixelPoint Pos as the open system it is designed as, you can unlock the sales potential from virtually every online ordering platform on the market. Some of the partners that can link to PixelPoint Pos Are shown below:


Integrating all your online ordering platforms into PixelPoint Pos can reduce system complexity, streamline operations and provide an edge over your competitors. In practical terms, all orders will enter your preparation areas using PixelPoint print channels and kitchen display screens. The orders can still be differentiated on the ticket according to their source if desired, with built-in advanced features like order tracking and driver management applied to all orders through PixelPoint and its extension ecosystem. A reduction on dependency of any particular platform allows you to spread your presence and unlock the market potential of many leading platforms whilst maintaining total control of your in house operation.

Next Steps

RS Scotland turn integrated systems into user friendly platforms for staff and customers alike. Ensuring a smooth transition to a streamlined operation is what sets RSS apart from the competition. From initial consultation, site survey, system configuration, training and ongoing support, RSS are a trusted turnkey partner. Independent and multi-store operators who want a simple user-friendly operation that harnesses the power and potential of a broad and lucrative online marketplace turn to us. Get your slice of the multi-billion pound online revolution! Call us for a no obligation consultation and system demonstration. Call 0141 530 2456 or 01463 898 494.

What else can you do with PixelPoint Pos?

Explore some selected features below, visit our PixelPoint POS summary page or get in touch.

Online Order Apps

We can provide a white-labelled app & website for your food business. Take orders, pre-orders and payments online. Receive orders directly to your kitchen.


Expert Order Management

PixelPoint includes many order management features. These extend to external interfaces, enabling automated tracking, SMS and Email.


Product Labelling

Labelling your products before they are bagged increases order accuracy and efficiency. PixelPoint makes this easy with automatic printing.


Kitchen Display System

PAR Pixel Kitchen Display (KDS) helps you run an efficient kitchen and FOH operation through projection and automation.


Self-Serve Kiosk

Let your customers serve themselves. Focus on delivering an excellent product & customer experience while saving on labour costs.