Automatic Food Labels

Print Labels automatically for your products and orders

Increase Order Accuracy

Reduce Errors & Missed Items

Decrease Preparation Times

Reduce Confusion

Clearer Product Info for Customers

Deliver Better Branding

Achieve a Professional Look


Deliver Better Results

Everyone knows that POS generated tickets reduce mistakes, prevent losses and increase efficiency in hospitality environments.

With the increase in takeaway and delivery services, the demand for technology that promotes efficiency in associated production environments has skyrocketed.

Here at RS Scotland, we have found that our automatic product labelling feature is proving of great benefit to our clients. 

The system, built-in to PixelPoint POS, can print a label automatically for each product that is configured to do so when ordered on the till, online or self serve kiosk. 

The system is dynamic and flexible. For example, if you can fit three naan breads into a bag but your customers order them individually, then PixelPoint knows to print one label for every three naan’s ordered. 

The system fits in alongside existing peripherals such as order printers and kitchen displays. There is no need for any upheaval and implementation is made easy thanks to our in-house experts.

RSS work with you and relevant partners to design a label that can be as elaborate or simple as you desire. In many cases our clients have their own branding. It’s a straightforward process to have this branding on every label. PixelPoint then prints order information onto each label. An example of the type of data that can print automatically is below:


  1. Name of product including any special instructions
  2. Customer name (and address if delivering)
  3. Barcode for recalling order
  4. Whether the item is part of a larger order – e.g. ‘1 of 3’; ‘2 of 3’ and ‘3 of 3’ helps ensure all three items are bagged
  5. Order Number
  6. Final total and any payment due
  7. Sale type – e.g. collection or delivery

The labels we supply are resistant to heat. So unlike many other thermal printing technologies, you can place these labels in the microwave if needing to reheat a product after it has been labelled.

    Summary Label

    As well as individual product labels described above, the system can automatically print a single summary label with details about the whole order. A common use for this is to place it on the side of a larger containing bag. It makes it easier for staff in the preparation areas to see what should be in the order while they bag up the products which have the corresponding printed order number and customer details. Furthermore, drivers can quickly and easily identify orders during delivery. Last but not least, hungry customers can quickly identify their items when they do arrive.


    In wrapping up this article (excuse the pun), we would say that integrated automatic labelling can increase efficiency, reduce costly errors and drive customer satisfaction.

    • Satisfied customers bode well for repeat business in a competitive marketplace.
    • Ensuring you have the edge over the competition starts with having the right technology.
    • Labelling can play a key part in an optimised off-premise dining solution. 

    Next Steps

    Get in touch with us for a no obligation demonstration of the system. We can provide a remote demo and show the results of label print outs electronically. Call us on 0141 530 2456 or 01463 898494 and we will be happy to advise.

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